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Lake Havasu
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Water Softeners & Drinking Water Systems from Westwater

Westwater has been located in Lake Havasu since 1994. Lake Havasu is nearly a perfect place to live and work EXCEPT the water quality is not the best.
It is safe – But is hard and doesn’t taste great.

We can make your water “better for you” – More usable in the house,
healthier and better tasting for drinking and cooking.

Water System Rentals, Sales and Service

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Westwater has the systems and the experience to find the best fit for you. Our drinking and soft water solutions are available for rental or purchase. We can also service your current water softener and drinking water systems, regardless of brand.

Westwater is the only water treatment dealer offering LINX® Water Treatment Systems – the 1st new innovation in over 30 years.

“Thank you for the great service…even the phone call you might be late!”

Barb H.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Negative Effects of Hard, Untreated Water

Protect your home and family with Westwater.

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